Running Mileage Increase Calculator

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What is the mileage increase calculator?

The mileage increase calculator is a tool that helps runners generate training plans based on their current weekly volume. This method helps runners avoid injuries and train more sustainably.

How does the mileage increase calculator work?

The mileage increase calculator, also called "the base building generator" works within the parameters of healthy base building (See Below for explanation).

These parameters include:

  1. The 10% rule - never increase mileage by more than 10% per week.
  2. Rest Weeks / Cut Back Weeks - cut mileage by 10% every 3 weeks, then continue where you left off to allow your body a chance to recover.
  3. Long Runs - Long runs should be about 20 - 30% of your total mileage. However, keep in mind this does depend on how many days per week you are running. For example, if you are running 5 days per week, 20% would not equate to a long run, whereas anything up 30% would.

All these parameters are adjustable in the mileage increase calculator.

What is base building?

Base building is the process of slowing increasing your weekly mileage so that a runner is better aerobically suited to running a specific distance. Your aerobic base is one of the biggest factors in ensuring that you will be able to complete a training plan injury free without running the risks of over training.

Typically when runners base build they adhere to the 10% rule, which means that they don't increase mileage by more than 10% per week. This is, of course, a guideline. If you are doing incredibly low mileage (like 3 miles a week), it can be ok to do more than 10% increase per week. But, if you are doing very high mileage (think, 90 miles per week), 10% increase might be too much.

Can I use the Mileage Increase Calculator for anything else?

Not yet, we will be adding more features soon. Including presets to help you prepare for specific race distances and the option for tapering.

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