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Running Mileage Increase Calculator
Running Base Building Calculator. Use this calculator to safely increase your total distance each week. Generate a FREE training plan and download as .xlsx'
Running Pace Calculator
How long will it take you to run a specified distance? Use this calculator to find out. Use either Km or Miles.
Pete Pfitzinger Lactate Threshold Calculator
Calculate your Lactate Threshold Pace according to the principles that Pete Pfitzinger outlines in his book: "Faster Road Racing"
Running Race Time Predictor
Predict how long it will take you to run a race based on an existing race time.
Running Negative Splits Calculator
The split calculator allows you to calculate what your lap (split) times should be for a given distance. You can also calculate negative or positive splits.

About Runners Calculator is developed and created by Ross Griffin. The goal of (Runners Calculator) is to be a Swiss-army knife suite of tools for runners that care about the nuances of running.